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How to use the Forum - A guide for Parents and Pupils

Purpose: For teachers to keep in touch with pupils who may be isolating and to encourage/support Home Learning. Also, for children to remotely view their weekly homework, spellings and other additional resources that will benefit their learning. We are committed to supporting the children’s well-being and we believe this new website will ensure that their Home Learning is purposeful.  

How often?  Teachers will create weekly posts on their year group's forum containing the spellings and homework due in that week. On each year group forum there will also be an 'Isolation starter pack' each half term containing work for children who are isolating to be getting on with for at least their first two  days of isolation. If any child is isolating for more than two days, their teacher will add more work to that post for them to be getting on with and will respond to comments/ sharing of work. 

How to view the forums

  1. Click on the 'forum' tab on (this website) OR the relevant year group button on the home page.

  2. You will be prompted to enter the 'Guest Area' password that was sent to all parents via text. Please contact the office if you need this to be re-sent.  

  3. You will now be able to view all content but NOT comment.

How to comment on the forums (signing up/ creating an account)

  1. Click on login (top right corner).

  2. Click 'Sign up' in red

  3. Complete details – you will need to enter an email address and create your own password.

  4. Once your account has been created, you will need to change your username – this is to make sure that your email address is kept private.
    - Use the menu button in the top right corner and go to ‘My Account’
    - Here you can click on the ‘edit’ button to change your username.
    - Note: Your username should be your child’s first name, second name initial and class. E.g. JohnS6A

  5. Make sure you have put your child's name in the 'first name' and 'second name' sections of the 'My Account' page. 


If possible, each sibling should create their own account using different email addresses. If this is not possible, the username should include all the names of the children who use that account. E.g: John6ALaura4W

Watch the video below for more information on checking the account is set up correctly. 


Children’s responses: We encourage any child who is isolating to comment on the posts and share their work/ information about what they have been learning at home. They should also use the comments section to ask any questions to their teachers. 

Watch the video below to see how to check if your teachers have responded to your comment!


Uploading and sharing work with your teachers 

To upload your work, simply click the appropriate

button and attach the picture, video or document

that shows what work you have been doing.

See picture below. ​







How will we monitor it and keep it safe?

  1. This will be a password protected website for pupils of Oakley Junior School only – as explained above.

  2. Before commenting, children need to ensure they have changed their username and First name/ second name information (see How to Login document for details). This is to ensure the safety of our pupils.

  3. When commenting, children need to think carefully about the content. This must be related to the teachers’ original post for the day. Any inappropriate commenting will result in being removed.

Receiving too many emails?

Children must make sure that they have 'unfollowed' any previous teachers otherwise they will continue to receive notifications when their previous teacher makes a post or comment. Please watch the video above for instructions on how to do this.

If you have created an account in order for your child to comment on the forum, you may be receiving a lot of emails. We ask that these email notifications are not turned off so you are able to monitor your child’s comments and any responses. However, to prevent these emails from filling your inbox, you should be able to create a new folder in your emails and ‘move’ all emails (including future ones) directly to this folder. This would allow you to monitor posts via email notifications yet not have your inbox filled with emails from oakleyhomeschool. If you use outlook, below is a list of instructions to set this system up:


  1. Create a new folder and name it appropriately (e.g. Oakley Home School)

  2. Right click one of the emails you have received from oakleyhomeschool.

  3. Go to ‘Move’ then click ‘Move all messages from…’

  4. Select the option ‘Move all messages from the inbox folder and any future messages’.

  5. Use the drop down to select the folder you have just created.

  6. Press OK


Other email providers should offer a similar system but the steps may vary.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. 

Uploading work.JPG
If you have trouble uploading your document or an error appears saying your file is too big, watch the video below that explains how to use to share your work with us. 

Please note: This online, interactive resource is a Home School communication tool for the children and teachers. Any parent/carer queries will need to follow the usual school procedures via the school office contact details. This is to ensure that our staff can provide the most effective communication for the children.

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