Useful Websites


Below are a list of some websites that you could use. All of the websites are completely FREE however, some of them might require a username and password. Any information you need is listed below.



If any games or interactive tasks do not work using Google Chrome, try copying the website link into Internet Explorer.

  • - Use this website to access some maths tasks your teacher may have set you. You should have all the login information in your homework diary. There are also LOADS of extra activities you can do by pressing the ’Games’ button or click on ‘Practice’ then ‘Boosters’.

  •– This website has tonnes of great resources if you use the search bar. You can click on the ‘Learning games’ button to play some really fun Maths and English games (Hit the Button is a popular one).

  •—Use this website to practise your times tables and earn coins to buy things for your avatar! You can even challenge your friends. You should have all the login information in your homework diary. Your teacher will be able to see how you are doing.

  •– This website is full of fantastic maths games!

  • – This is a brilliant website with lots of reasoning problems that really make you think outside of the box.

  • - This is a create website which contains different maths activities including a number challenge of the day!

  • - This website offers a variety of videos  that help explain some mathematical methods.

  • - Some useful ‘Learning at Home Packs’ including series of lessons differentiated by year group.

  •  - This is a great website that contains Maths activity packs (grouped by year) without having to create an account.


  • A+ Spelling Test– Free App that allows parents or children to set up their spelling list for the week by typing and recording the word into the app. Children can then practise their spellings in different ways as well as have practise tests. The app collects information about the success in spelling each word and displays as a percentage so children know which spellings to keep practising.

  • Johnny Grammar Word Challenge—Free App with grammar, vocabulary and spelling tasks with 3 different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) with feedback given for incorrect answers. Topics such as prepositions, adjectives, adverbial phrases and irregular verbs.

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